Table of Contents

Why Men Earn More:
The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap--and What Women Can Do About It
Warren Farrell, Ph.D.


Introduction: The Beginning of the Journey...



Chapter 1. Field of Dreams: Choose the Right Field and Higher Pay Will Come

• What We Miss When We Follow Our Bliss


Chapter 2. The Field-with-Higher-Yield Formula: The First Five Ways

1. Choose a Field in Technology or the Hard Sciences, Not the Arts or Social Sciences (Pharmacology vs. literature)

2. Get Hazard Pay without the Hazards (female administrator in Air Force vs. male combat soldier in Army)
• Why Hazardous Jobs are So Much Less Hazardous for Women
• Men’s Weakness As Their Façade Of Strength; Women’s Strength as Their Façade Of Weakne

3. Among Jobs Requiring Little Education, Those that Expose you to the Sleet and Heat Pay More Than Those that are Indoors and Neat (Fed Ex delivery vs. receptionist)
• When Affirmative Action Marries Technology

4. In Most Fields With Higher Pay, You Can’t Psychologically Check Out at The End of the Day (corporate attorney vs. librarian)

5. Fields with Higher Pay Often Have Lower Fulfillment (engineer vs. childcare professional)
• Women Penetrate Glass Ceiling, Find Wisdom, Leave


Chapter 3. The Field-with-Higher-Yield Formula: The Final Five Ways

6. People Who Get Higher Financial Rewards Choose Fields with Higher Financial and Emotional Risks (venture capitalist vs. supermarket cashier)
• Preparing Our Daughters to Take Risks

7. Many Fields with Higher Pay Require Working the Worst Shifts During the Worst Hours (private practice medical doctor vs. HMO medical doctor)

8. Some Jobs Pay More to Attract People to Unpleasant Environments Without Many People (prison guard vs. restaurant hostess)

9. Updating Pays: Currency Begets Currency (sales engineer vs. French language scholar)

10. Also Choose Subfields with the “High Pay Formula” (surgeon vs. psychiatrist)


Chapter 4. Doing Time: People Who Get Higher Pay...

11. Work More Hours – And It Makes a Big Difference.
• How Many Hours is Optimal?

12. Have More Years of Experience–Especially in Their Current Occupation
• The Women-First Club

13. Have More Years of Recent, Uninterrupted Experience with Their Current Employer

14. Work More Weeks During the Year

15. Are Absent Less Often From Work

16. Commute to Jobs that are Farther Away


Chapter 5. On the Move: People Who Get Higher Pay Are More Willing to…

17. Relocate—Especially to Undesirable Locations at the Company’s Behest
• Carpe Diem Moving

18. Travel Extensively On the Job


Chapter 6. Responsibility, Training, Ambition, and Productivity: People Who Get Higher Pay...

19. Take On Different Responsibilities Even When Their Titles Are the Same

20. Take On Bigger-Sized Responsibilities Even When Their Titles Are the Same

21. Require Less Security

22. Have More Relevant Training in their Current Occupation

23. Have Higher Career Goals to Begin With

24. Do More in-Depth Job Searches

25. Above All, Produce More
• Do Men Earn More Because They’re More Productive?

Conclusion to Part I: Twenty-five Ways to Increase Your Pay



Chapter 7. What Women Contribute to the Workplace
• What Men Love About Women (at Work, That Is)

Chapter 8. Why Women and Men Approach Work So Differently, Yet So Similarly
• Male- and Female-owned Businesses Reflecting Work-Life Decisions
• If Women Contribute So Much to the Workplace, Why Do Some Men Seem So Threatened?

Chapter 9: The Myths that Prevent Women from Knowing Why Men Earn More
• How the Belief in the Discrimination Against Women Hurts Women’s Careers

Chapter 10. Discrimination Against Women
• Mentorship’s Rebellion Process
• Men Have “a Wife”; Women Don’t

Chapter 11. Discrimination In Favor Of Women: Why Women Are Now Often Paid More Than Men for the Same Work
• Do Women Earn More for the Same Work?
• How the Fear of Male Sexuality Leads to Discrimination against Men

Chapter 12. The Genetic Celebrity Pay Gap
• And What, Pray Tell, Is a “Genetic Celebrity”?
• The Genetic Celebrity as Tip Magnet

Chapter 13. Two Nagging Questions....
• When Women Enter Men’s Occupations, Doesn’t The Pay Go Down?
• “Isn’t the Issue More Than Equal Pay – Isn’t It Comparable Worth?”

Chapter 14. Conclusion: Toward a New Vision of Men and Women


      ©2010 Warren Farrell, Ph.D              

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